Using (Free) Third Party Applications Like Eventbrite To Work Smarter As A Nonprofit

The use of third-party application has to be a strategy that your nonprofit organization has to embrace.  Trying to build a custom application or purchasing huge systems from your database provider that cost tens of thousands of dollars to have can’t be part of your strategy to do more with less.

I should pause a moment to cover third-party applications.  What I mean by this is using tools like Eventbrite, Zillow, Zoho Campaigns, WordPress, etc.  These are in most cases free tools for nonprofits with a 501(c)3 status.   Take a moment to check out their websites and find the nonprofit area to determine how to get verified and what they provide free.

Now, I’ll give some examples of how I approached a recent project we had.  An organization was using Google forms for event registration.  Now, yes was it getting the job done of course.  However was the organization able to benefit from any of the data collected for these registrations?  Then why even do it…

I’ll stress to you to rethink how you look at events.  In most cases organizations look at events as transactions.  They perform all of this work to pull off a great event and once it’s over they move on, and repeat this process every year for every event.  Not considering all of the valuable opportunities contained in the data and information collected during these events.

That is why I would suggest you consider Eventbrite for managing your events.  It’s a great tool designed specifically for event management and has enhanced tools to support creating and executing an amazing event process.

Just to name a few of the features that come free with this platform:

  • Event Registration & Ticketing
  • Event Listing Design
  • Reserved Seating
  • Fundraising
  • Ticket Options
  • Payment Options
  • Promotional Tools
  • Automated Event Promotion
  • Customer Support
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Day-of-Event Operations

Even the functionality created for the payment process is streamlined and very cost effective.  It allows you to focus on creating a great experience for your attendees and take the management of the simple tasks off your plate with the confidence that an industry proven technology is automating the registration process for you and your attendees.