How Social Selling Has Become a Lifeline for Every Company

For many companies, social channels have been a nice add-on to sales efforts, but having a social strategy hasn’t quite become the norm as of yet.

However, successful companies are evolving to understand how social has become a lifeline for every company!

Part of the reason is that most CRM’s are not fully integrated with social channels, so engaging with and tracking social involvement has been challenging.

But the time has come people – if your organization isn’t engaging with social, it needs to get a life.

No longer is this kind of outreach superfluous, and with firewalls shutting out more and more email every day these channels are now a vital way to reach your constituents and learn how they feel about your work, follow up a post they make in reference to your brand, or just say thanks for coming to an event.

Modern CRM systems allow you to see your social channels and related activity all in one place using its Social module so you can track activity and respond in real time across all your channels.

You can also filter what social activity you want to track within this module.

For example, perhaps you want to track all your active contacts that might be talking about your organization or all those organizations that you have submitted proposals to.

You can even create a keyword search to track all social activity related to a particular subject matter that might be relevant to your organization.

For example, your organization is supporting particular legislation and you want to see any posts that mention it.

In addition, you can post right to your social accounts and track activity right from your CRM. Integrating your accounts is a breeze.

We hope these get you excited about the brave new role of social media because one thing is for sure, it’s relevance to your organization is becoming a vital lifeline.

Here is a quick video that previews some of the potentials of social working within a CRM: