Fundraising Automation: Using CRM Integrated Web Forms For Data Collection

The process of collecting data is an easy one to suggest throughout your organizations.  However, the task of collecting organizing and using it to make business decisions can be a challenge.  With so many activities happening throughout the organization, it can be overwhelming to try to collect it all, not to mention getting that data into the system in a healthy format.

A suggested option would be to implement tools where you can collect data from internal and external data sources, and when I say data sources I’m referring to humans.  Now the human piece may sound a bit clinical, but when it comes to collecting data online you should make it that basic and logic based.  In most cases it’s difficult to even collect data, so approach this strategy with an open mind knowing your providing the resource for users, and hoping the value your work and will provide their piece to the puzzle of entering their data.


A few suggestions for setting up web forms:


  1. Determine what fields should be required and what’s on your wish list.

    1. The worst thing to have is a form with 50 fields, and 45 of them are required.  Your goal is to collect the most important data, and really the goal is to get any data period.  Choose the critical fields set them to required, and make sure the form clearly indicates they are required.
  2. Don’t use the standard “Submit” button text.

    1. Instead of having your web form’s submit button say “Submit,” have it remind the user what it is they’re doing, like “Sign up now,” or Make a donation.
  3. Don’t provide a Cancel button.

    1. If you were buying a car and the salesperson asked you, “Are you sure you really want to get this car?” would you continue to buy the car? Probably not. Maybe you’d be hesitant; is the salesperson telling you the car isn’t a good buy, or maybe you should buy a different card?Same goes for your web forms; having a “cancel” button may make your users think twice about what they’re filling out.
  4. Try to not make two column forms.

    1. According to an eye tracking study by cxpartners, a user experience design agency, scanning down the form is preferable to scanning from left to right. It reduces the number of eye movements you need to make in order to fill out the form.


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