Duplicate Records In Your CRM System: A Nightmare and a Solution

If your work with CRM systems (which you should be without a doubt) you know that it’s a constant problem of keeping data integrity under control and one of the main problems I hear from data managers and leaders of organizations is managing duplicate records in your CRM.

I totally understand the reason why so many organizations avoid wanting to deal with duplicate records.  It’s a huge nightmare and a major project and undertaking which will demand large amounts of time with no real immediate results.

I encourage you to not avoid managing this vital process as it can lead to waste in resources from bounced or double emails being sent, duplicate mailings, confusion on which record is the most accurate and miscommunications to constituents.

Find out how you can make addressing this issue a proactive process.

Find out in your CRM how the duplicate merging and managing tools works and set aside that time monthly (maybe weekly when you begin) and set the number you’re going to address during that session and get it done.

Here is an example of how a merging tool works.

In this video, you can see me address merging three duplicate records in about 30 seconds.